Camilla, Cape Town

I used my new Drying Lotion last night – it’s just so good, it completely zapped my spots! Camilla, Cape Town

Candice-Lee Kannemeyer

I now understand why this iconic ‘Drying Lotion’ by @mariobadescusa is a favourite the world over. It works overnight to dry out spots & eliminate whiteheads. Candice-Lee Kannemeyer : Writer and blogger @ www.inmybag.co.za

Rabia, Cape Town

The Drying Lotion is a lovely product…I have this huge cystic pimple and it’s shrinking it day by day. Rabia, Cape Town

Umar Dhooma

I have been using this (Drying Lotion) for about a month now as a spot treatment almost every night. I have noticed that it doesn’t miraculously clear up every single blemish, but it does noticeably shrink and reduce the redness on them so they aren’t as bad. I have struggled with acne for a very long time, since 15 years of age. I’m still struggling with my skin and I feel like I have tried everything out there that says it will help. I stumbled upon the Mario Badescu products and I am so happy I did! I only decided to purchase the drying lotion and the acne cleanser to start off with in case, like all the other products I’ve tried, they didn’t work and I’d be wasting my money, but with these two products I am so happy to say I am noticing a remarkable difference in my skin! I put the drying lotion on any breakouts or spots I have just before I go to bed! It dries in super quick so there’s no waiting around for it to dry before going to bed, and when I wake up any spot that I had has noticeably reduced in size or has completely gone. For me it definitely reduces those under the skin cystic spots in just one night! So amazing! I think this along with the acne facial cleanser has really helped my skin! This product is effective not only on pimples but on mosquito bites as well. I used it on my arms and legs to reduce the itching and swelling from the bites and the effect is immediate. The redness and scars are also visibly reduced in about four to five days .I have now purchased a few more Mario Badescu products and I hope they work just as good! Thank u Mario Badescu South Africa for your awesome product that has helped me tremendously! Umar Dhooma.

Rehana Seedat

The Mario Badescu Seaweed cleansing Lotion. I should probably first state that I don’t generally use a toner and in large part because they tend to be alcohol- laden and as a result they generally dry out & strip my skin with regular use. However Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion is a remarkably gentle and soothing non-drying alcohol free- toner I thought would be worth trying. While it is formulated with the needs of dry and sensitive skin in mind, I will say that it works wonders on my combination skin. It feels so refreshing on the skin and leaves it thoroughly clean, soft, balanced and I have even noted that my skin feels hydrated after use. It is so pleasant to use and since it never dries or strips my skin I can use it whenever i feel the need or desire. One look at the short list of fantastic ingredients should inspire great confidence that it will soothe rather than strip the skin. Love this product. It takes off makeup like a champ, and leaves my skin feeling fresh, soft, and super clean. Rehana Seedat

Fareedha Khan

The Buttermilk Moisturiser, has really worked wonders on my skin since I used to suffer from acne. Fareedha Khan

Anusha Naidoo

I suffer from oily skin and tried so many products and finally I found the perfect product: Love the Oil Free Moisturiser! Its a miracle working product. Thank you so much my skin looks and feels great. Anusha Naidoo

Zandile Dlamini

I love the oil free moisturizer. My face is prone to breaking out, so this keeps my face smooth. Zandile Dlamini

Lynn Botha

I love the oil free moisturizer.. It doesn’t leave my skin greasy and shiny, and it has sunscreen it it.. perfect combination . Lynn Botha

Carol Lupini, Franschhoek

The Protective Day Cream is fabulous!!!! I look photoshopped! Keeps moisture in and foundation looks fresh all day Carol Lupini, Franschhoek

Marlene Olivier

A super, affordable and gentle range, and a wide variety of products to choose from! Marlene Olivier

Cirsten van den Heuvel

I love the wide variety of quality beauty products Mario Badescu South Africa has to offer. Cirsten van den Heuvel

Christine Bubb Kriel

I love my MB products…….my skin always feels soooo good. They have an amazing range. Their packaging is simple…….you’re able to squeeze every drop out……they’re light weight and so easy to travel with. They generously give you samples each time you purchase…..whether it’s from your local agent, Nordstrom or from their unassuming salon in NYC. Christine Bubb Kriel

Megan Hanekom

MB products are fabulous. Leaves your skin silky soft and feeling fresh. Each product is for someone out there whether u have oily or dry skin. Its a girls best friend. Megan Hanekom

Courtney de Villiers, Pretoria

Mario Badescu products have made such a difference to my skin and my confidence. I especially love the inclusion of botanical ingriedients that gently and naturally work wonders on the skin. The products I’ve used from the MB range feel über luxurious and smell just as great, for example the buttermilk moisturiser and the strawberry scrub. In addition friendly and knowledgeable staff at the MB South Africa team makes ordering products an absolute dream! Courtney de Villiers, Pretoria

Sarah Buckmaster, Johannesburg

My skin has never looked or felt better, Mario Badescu products are truly amazing! Sarah Buckmaster, Johannesburg

Maritza Letsoalo, Johannesburg

I wish that I had discovered Mario Badescu when I was in high school. I had acne my whole life and tried it all, including dermatologists. Nothing Worked. I am now using the glycolic foaming cleanser, world famous drying lotion(the Pimple Healer), drying cream,buffering lotion…AWESOME PRODUCTS. I feel it has cleared up to 90% of my breakouts. I had very oily skin,I know have normal oily skin. Since using this product I do not produce as much oil as I used to which is a huge plus beacause all the oil used to clog my pores.. This is by far one of the best skin care brands ever invented.. HALALA MARIO BADESCU HALALA!!! – Maritza Letsoalo, Johannesburg

Courtney de Villiers

The Healing and Soothing Mask was suggested to me by Marion Banks and it works beautifully. Thanks Mario Badescu South Africa for great service from knowledgeable consultants and lovely products.. Courtney de Villiers

Janine, Weza, KZN

Just loving my new products…the day moisturiser (Moisture Magnet) the most…it does so well with the Vitamin C Serum…thank you…my skin looks lovely. Well I think so! Janine, Weza, KZN

Janine, Weza, KZN

I’m loving my new products. My skin feels so moisturised. Thanks so much for your help. Janine, Weza, KZN

Tracy Minnie

Dear Lydia I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful Mario Badescu prize that you so generously sponsored. I have already started using the products and LOVE how it makes my skin feel. I could feel a difference within 24 hours of using the products. The cleanser (Enzyme Cleanser) and serum (Vitamin C) are ABSOLUTE WINNERS!! Tracy Minnie (winner of the Mrs Tshwane 2012 Pageant)

Annerie, Port Elizabeth

I suffered from severe eczema in my face and neck since January or February this year. The third day of using the Healing Cream my skin condition improved and after a week there were no signs of eczema whatsoever! I am still using the Healing Cream. Halleluyah for the Mario Badescu Healing Cream – it really worked miracles for my skin. My skin is happy again! Bless you Annerie, Port Elizabeth

Jenni, Douglasdale

BADESCU, why did we not meet earlier! I have been using the range for a month now and the results are amazing. The fact that I got a free consultation on what products are right for my skin, and the interest shown by the consultant was something to be excited about. The Enzyme cleanser, to start with was the foundation and introduction to this great range. – Jenni, Douglasdale

Felicia, Nelspruit

I have battled with skin products, for I have a very sensitive skin. I hate creamy cleanser, for they never make me feel squeaky clean, until I discovered Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Cleanser. It is water soluble, and exfoliates at the same time. I am mad about this product and am slowly going to change to the rest of the range. Thank you MB, and it is well within my price range. Felicia, Nelspruit

Jennifer Fourie, Krugersdorp

Thankyou Mario Badescu I look a couple of years younger already! The Enzyme Cleanser is fantastic cannot do without it, and the mild Strawberry Scrub is a treat. Thankyou for the free mini facial it was great looking forward to expanding my range. Jennifer Fourie, Krugersdorp


Hi MB Team. My name is Esmeralda & this is my skin story. My acne started in October 2012. The pimples were situated on my chin area. I knew that this was because I left the pill & my hormones were all over the place. I went to a dermatolgist in January 2013. The dermatolgist sat opposite me in her rooms took out her prescription pad wrote out a script for medication & told me she will see me in 6 months time. Notice the part were she did not even touch my skin! I tried the pills, applied the creams up until April & still my face look disgusting! On a desperate Sunday afternoon while going through facebook I noticed Eureecher liked a page Mario Badescu. I immediately googled the page & started reading up on the products. I contacted Eureecher & explained 2 her how terrible my skin was. She was so helpful & understanding towards my desperate situation. She gave me Lydias contact details. I called Lydia set up an appointment for the very next day. Wow!! I have never ever met such a remarkable women! Lydia recommended all the products that I would need for a start. Let’s jus say I have made 4 new best friends this year. Their names are Glycholic cleanser,drying lotion,vitamin c serum & whitening mask! Its been 3 months now using the products & the difference in my skin is remarkable! I cannot explain the amount of gratitude I have 4 Lydia and MB products. They have given me my self confidence back! MB for life!!! Thank You Thank You!”

Caroline D, Sunninghill Johannesburg

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream has impressed my friends. I am delighted with the improvement in my fine lines around the eyes. A little goes a long way it seems to last for ever. Thank you for improving my signs of ageing , I will keep on using it. Caroline D, Sunninghill Johannesburg