Hi MB Team. My name is Esmeralda & this is my skin story. My acne started in October 2012. The pimples were situated on my chin area. I knew that this was because I left the pill & my hormones were all over the place. I went to a dermatolgist in January 2013. The dermatolgist sat opposite me in her rooms took out her prescription pad wrote out a script for medication & told me she will see me in 6 months time. Notice the part were she did not even touch my skin! I tried the pills, applied the creams up until April & still my face look disgusting! On a desperate Sunday afternoon while going through facebook I noticed Eureecher liked a page Mario Badescu. I immediately googled the page & started reading up on the products. I contacted Eureecher & explained 2 her how terrible my skin was. She was so helpful & understanding towards my desperate situation. She gave me Lydias contact details. I called Lydia set up an appointment for the very next day. Wow!! I have never ever met such a remarkable women! Lydia recommended all the products that I would need for a start. Let’s jus say I have made 4 new best friends this year. Their names are Glycholic cleanser,drying lotion,vitamin c serum & whitening mask! Its been 3 months now using the products & the difference in my skin is remarkable! I cannot explain the amount of gratitude I have 4 Lydia and MB products. They have given me my self confidence back! MB for life!!! Thank You Thank You!”