Moisture Magnet


Makeup artist must-have.

Creamy, antioxidant-enriched formula.

Nourishes, softens, and smooths skin.

Ideal for: Combination, Dry, or Sensitive skin.
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Benefits: A Pentavitin and emollient blend locks in skin’s natural moisture while the nourishing and antioxidant benefits of Vitamin A keep skin, smooth and soft. Daily, moderate sun protection added for anti-aging benefits to keep skin looking young and healthy. Easily absorbed, non-greasy formula.

How to Use: On clean skin, apply before sun exposure and daily all over face avoiding eye area. Re-apply frequently to maintain protection and after perspiring or swimming. For use under make-up or alone.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Peanut Oil,Propylene Glycol,Carnation Oil,Parsol MCX(Octyl Methoxycinnamate), Pentavitin,Silicone,Gardenia Extract,Propylparaben,Methylparaben


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