Herbal Hydrating Serum


Lightweight, oil-free gel.

Hydrates and softens skin.

Gives skin a healthy, dewy glow.

Ideal for: Combination, Oily, or Sensitive skin.
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Benefits: One of our most unique, versatile products for all skin types that doubles as a layering product to use over day or night moisturizers for extra hydration. Can also be used alone as a lightweight hydrator for oily skin. Formulated with Ginkgo Extract, Ceramides and Ginseng Extracts that provide nourishing benefits for the skin.

How to Use: Twice daily, layer 2-3 drops over a moisturizer or night cream or use alone in place of a moisturizer. Safe for eye area.

Ingredients: Deionized Water,Glycerin,Methylparaben,Triethanolamine,Propylene Glycol,Herbal Extracts: Ginseng Extract,Gingko Extract,and Ceramides


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