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Mario Badescu Unmasked


Don’t have a FACE MASK in your regimen? Continue reading…..

Most people neglect to use face masks because they see masks as a luxury skin care item that is limited to a once-in-a-blue moon ‘spa’ or ‘pamper’ day. Perhaps you are a beauty minimalist and merely cleanse, moisturise and call it a day, or maybe its’ in your gene pool to have an enviably glowing skin.

Whatever your reason is, you should not boycott the use of a face mask. Just like an ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’. a face mask keeps the aesthetician away.Applying a mask once or twice a week for about 15-20 minutes can do wonders for your skin by helping to maintain and repair it.
Some masks nourish and moisturise, while others purify and slough away dead surface cells.
Mario Badescu offers an array of masks to choose from. Identify your skin’s requirements below, and match it to a mask that will repair and restore it’s healthy glow.

Azulene Calming mask: Irritated, red and sensitive skin is soothed and calmed by Chamomile Extract and Balsam Peru, a natural anti inflammatory. Excellent for acne inflamed skin. R399

Healing and Soothing Mask: Acne irritated skin. Non hardening, calming mask. Contains Balsam Peru, a natrual inflammatory that instantly soothes sensitive and dry skin types. R399

Whitening Mask: Pigmentation and Acne scars. This hydrating mask will help brighten uneven skin tones and gently reduce the look of old acne scars and discolouration from the sun. Gentle and effective for all skin types.R399

Cucumber Tonic Mask: Oily, congested skin, large pores. Purify and tighten pores with this cooling, refreshing mask. Soothing Cucumber Extract and oil absorbing clay deep cleans and promotes healthy, radiant skin. R330

Super Collagen Mask: Mature and sensitive skin. Firm and tone with this Collagen clay based mask designed to tighten, nourish and purify the skin. Azulene and Oatmeal naturally soothe irritated skin. R330

Enzyme Revitalising Mask: Dull, dry or mature skin. Moisture intensive, non hardening Alpha Hydroxy mask contains Papaya and Grapefruit extracts that naturally exfoliate skin to give it a refreshed, glowing appearance. R399

Temporary Lifting Mask: Special occasion mask for all skin typesNon irritating mask that immediately tightens, cleans and smooths the skin. Egg Albumin shrinks pores and refines appearance of face. Great to use for a quick boost. R399