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Eye Care: A few things you should know

The skin of the eye area has very few oil glands, making it the most delicate part of the face. Furthermore, this area is prone to showing signs of aging first. If we are diligent in caring for the rest of the face, we certainly should not neglect the eye area.

A Little Goes a Long Way.  In terms of eye cream application, a little bit goes a long way. You only really need the size of a pea of eye cream to cover both eye areas.

Apply Eye Cream on the Orbital Bone.  The orbital bone is the area between the highest part of the cheekbone and underneath the eyes. If the eye cream is applied anywhere closer to the eye, you’ll risk irritating your eyes.

Use Your Ring Finger to Apply Eye Cream. The ring finger is the weakest of the five fingers. The key here is to be as gentle to this area as possible.

Don’t Rigorously Rub the Eye Area. I empathize with you when waterproof mascara and stubborn eye liner just won’t come off. But resist the urge to rub it off with a rough towel. Better yet, try one of our eye makeup removers. They work like a charm and will save you the hassle of having to battle with eye makeup. Moreover, don’t rub your eyes! I personally have the tendency to do that, and I have to consciously make an effort not to.

When Puffy Eyes Strike… The first thing you can do is splash your face with cool water to ‘wake up’ the skin. Then take two damp tea bags that have been refrigerated for at least 15 minutes and place them underneath the eyes for about 10 minutes. Lastly, apply a small dab of our Ceramide Eye Gel on the orbital bone to refresh and help de-puff the eye area. To increase its efficacy, refrigerate the Ceramide Eye Gel before application. The cool sensation will help constrict the blood vessels, thereby reducing swelling.

Use an Eye Cream Morning and Evening Daily. We can’t stress enough how fragile the eye area is. Fragileness requires extra TLC and that is where eye creams come in. They are formulated to nourish the eye area and contain anti-aging ingredients to prevent and slow down the formation of crow’s feet and fine lines. Check out our line of eye creams.

Incorporate eye area care into your skin regimen and your face will thank you! 

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