Mario Badescu had a vision to take to his European-style facials to New York City—and it was in 1967, out of his two-room Manhattan apartment, when the world-renowned salon and product line were born. News of his unique philosophy and loyal following (which included a star-studded roster of in-the-know New Yorkers) quickly spread and Badescu’s home-turned-studio flourished.

Over 50 years later, Mario Badescu is the name that continues to transcend generations and span the entire life-cycle of skin: from powerful acne solutions to potent anti-aging treatments, we customise regimens for every skin type and concern imaginable.

Mario Badescu South Africa is inspired by the desire to help people improve their skins. We firmly believe that looking good, makes people feel good, which in turn often leads to doing good. This principle has been the driving force of our very existence, and perhaps the reason why we managed to secure the agency for South Africa and Southern Africa over ten years ago.

Since the dawn of Mario Badescu South Africa, we have successfully assisted numerous people with skin issues – ranging from acne and pigmentation to rosacea and cuperose and many more. And there is a plethora of before-and-after photos, and a solid database of satisfied clients to prove it. For over 40 years, Mario Badescu Skin Care has been known for personalised skin care and acne treatment.

Our proven line of products helps thousands each day fight acne, treat rosacea, control teen acne, and help with ageing skin. From cleansers, toners and moisturisers to exfoliants, eye creams and serums,  Mario Badescu Skin Care offers a comprehensive array of products for all your needs. Have a look at our products on offer and see for yourself, or read what others are saying about us.

Simple, gentle and effective is our philosophy—and for that, we’ve become a touchstone of quality skin care.