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I now understand why this iconic 'Drying Lotion' by @mariobadescusa is a favourite the world over. It works overnight to dry out spots & eliminate whiteheads. Candice-Lee Kannemeyer : Writer and blogger @ read more

Celebrities love Mario Badescu

From Martha Stewart to P. Diddy, and everyone in between, our celebrity skin care client list is a who’s who of the entertainment industry. Celebrities have long flocked to Mario Badescu products and salon treatments as the savior of their skin. Healthy, radiant skin is not just for Hollywood actresses and TV show hosts, however. Try our products for yourself and see what celebrity skin care really feels like.
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Whether you're traveling by plane, car, boat or train, it's always best to pack as minimally as possible. The less cumbersome, the better. When packing beauty products, it's obviously ideal to bring multipurpose products to save space and make moving about as effortless as possible. These Mario...

It is crucial to exfoliate on a regular basis to help speed up the skin's natural cellular turnover (which slows as we age). A lack of exfoliation leads to buildup of dead skin cells, which may yield one or more of the following: dull, dry or flaky skin, acne breakouts, clogged pores, and uneven...